IPO: How to Subscribe for New Shares in Hong Kong Stocks/US Stocks
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For Hong Kong stocks, there are both cash subscription and margin financing subscription mechanisms available for IPOs. The process involves investors subscribing for newly issued shares during the IPO period when they are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Unlike A-shares, the IPO subscription process in Hong Kong and US markets is more complex, yet the entry barriers are relatively low.


IPO process of  Hong Kong Stocks/US Stocks



Key points of the IPO subscription process in Hong Kong include:

  1. Trading Time: Hong Kong stock market has specific trading hours, including the morning session, continuous session, and afternoon session. Investors need to understand and comply with these trading hours to ensure smooth IPO subscription operations.
  2. Subscription Fees: Investors in Hong Kong IPOs typically need to pay certain subscription fees, including IPO subscription fees, financing interest fees, and stock trading fees. These fees are deducted upon allocation, regardless of whether the investor is allotted shares.
  3. Trading Rules: The Hong Kong stock market operates on a T+0 trading system, meaning shares bought can be sold on the same day. However, there are restrictions on the number of trades, usually limited to five trades per day.
  4. Funds Freeze: Investors need to freeze funds in advance for IPO subscriptions. This means ensuring sufficient funds are available in the account to cover the required amount for subscription.
  5. Allotment Rules: Allotment rules in Hong Kong IPOs can be complex, often categorized into different groups. Retail investors typically focus on the "board lot" subscription, as the Hong Kong Exchange tends to allocate shares to retail investors at a higher rate.


As for the IPO subscription process in the US:

  1. Broker Collaboration and Allocation: Investors need to participate through brokers offering IPO services. The allocation of new shares primarily relies on underwriters or brokers with distribution qualifications.
  2. Subscription Principles: Following the principle that the higher the subscription amount, the higher the probability of winning. Larger subscription amounts usually lead to higher chances of allotment.
  3. Funding Requirements: There are typically minimum quantity requirements for new stock subscriptions (e.g., 100 shares or 50 shares), and investors need to ensure their accounts have sufficient funds, though usually no funds are required to be frozen during the subscription period.
  4. Listing and Allotment Timing: New shares are listed and start trading at a specific time, with allotment results announced after the listing date. Investors need to pay attention to notifications from their brokers or trading platforms.
  5. Transaction Costs: US IPO subscriptions involve transaction fees, and investors need to understand and calculate related expenses.
  6. Risk Assessment: Although US IPO subscriptions may offer lucrative returns, there are risks involved. Investors should assess their risk tolerance and make informed decisions.

Investors participating in IPO subscriptions in both Hong Kong and US markets should carefully understand the detailed rules and regulations, and select suitable brokers and strategies. Additionally, staying informed about market dynamics is essential for making timely adjustments to investment strategies.


While IPO subscriptions in Hong Kong and US markets may offer tempting returns, investors must understand that this is not a risk-free investment shortcut. Given the highly competitive nature of IPOs in both markets, caution is necessary.

Investors should maintain a prudent approach by controlling their positions, avoiding over-investing, and conducting thorough research on the IPOs, including subscription demand, identity of cornerstone investors, and other relevant information. Only by fully understanding market conditions, managing positions effectively, and conducting comprehensive research on IPOs can investors mitigate risks and achieve steady returns.


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