$0 Commission FX CFDs Trading Via uSMART

We offer uSMART clients opportunities to trade and profit on leverage without holding the underlying currency.

Trade Popular Major Currency Pairs With Us

80 +
80+ Forex Pairs
0.5 pips
Tight Spreads From 0.5 pips
Fast Execution - 0.001s
USD 20
Trade With As Low As USD 20

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FX CFDs Trading On uSMART Offers Constant Short-Term Opportunities With High-Risk/High-Return.

Go long or short

Take advantage of price movements in both directions

High liquidity

Forex market is active 24 hours during the week

Flexible leverage

Increase potential gains with less capital upfront

Constant opportunities

Forex brings the opportunity of the world’s largest and most liquid market

Forex With uSMART

uSMART's FX trading platform offers traders the opportunity to profit on leverage without owning the underlying currency. With over 80 currency pairs including Majors & Asian currencies available for trading with zero commission, tight spreads starting from 0.5 pips and secured high speed connectivity, uSMART is an excellent choice for traders looking for a reliable trading platform to trade the forex market.

FX CFD Spreads & Margin Requirement

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Currency pairMin. SpreadMargin Factor %(Retail)Leverage Equivalent

3 Simple Steps To Start Trading FX CFDs


Go to [Trade]->[CFDs] , tap [Open a CFD account], key in personal particulars and acknowledge Client Agreement and Risk Fact Sheet for CFD


After account opening, go to [Quotes-> FX], select a preferred FX pair then tap [CFD Trading]


Input price and quantity, choose Day/GTC/GTD, tap [Place Order]

Disclosure: CFD trading may not be suitable for investors with low risk tolerance level due to low industry regulations, potential lack of liquidity and the need to maintain an adequate margin at all times from leveraged losses. Losing more than your deposits and making futher payments may be a possibility. If the position moves against you by a certain percentage, you may lose more than your deposit. The type of position, and the duration of you holding the positions, you may incur holding costs. Due to the fact you need to maintain certain margin requirements, you need to have sufficient funds in your account at all times. Failure to do so may led to your position in being closed. You need to take account of market volatility and price sensitive news which may affect your account balance. Please note that you will need to acknowledge the Client Agreement and the Risk Fact Sheet for CFD before you are allowed to trade in CFDs.


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