Fractional Shares Start Investing From Just USD 1

You can own fractional shares of more than 13,000 stocks and ETFs listed on uSMART app for as little as $1, even if their shares cost more.

*There is a minimum order value of USD 1 or a minimum of 0.0001 shares per order for Fractional Shares.

Fractional Shares Make Investment Easier

Invest with as little as USD 1

Fractional shares on uSMART can be as small as 0.0001 of a share or as little as USD 1.

Diversify your portfolio with less money

Fractional shares investing enables you to purchase multiple shares for your portfolio even if you do not have large capital.

Get Instant Cash Vouchers When you Deposit and Trade!

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Smarter Tools To Sharpen Your Investment Strategy

SMART (Advanced) Order

Comebine ETFs trading with with 11 advanced smart order types to relieve your time, which can automatically monitor the market situation and place order according to investor's preset trading strategy and price.

SMART (Regular) Savings Plan

Combine ETFs trading with smart plan to invest a fixed amount on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a time interval of your choice, helping you gradually and steadily accumulate your investment.

Featured Strategies

Subscribe featured strategies, which cover featured investment strategies through quantitative investments portfolio models & top licensed financial analysts’ opinions for US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and SG stocks, helping users pursue excess earnings and grasp short-term profit trend.

How to Buy Fractional Shares?

  • Open an Account
  • Fund Your Account
  • Unlock Fractional Trading Account
  • Buy your Fractional Shares


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