How to deposit via Wise?

1. Open our mobile application, go to "Trade”> “Deposit".

2. Select the relevant currency (USD/SGD).

3. Select Wise as your deposit method.

4. Link your Wise account with your uSMART account.

* If you don’t have a Wise account, please register beforehand. After registration, return to the uSMART application and complete the steps.

5. Initiate a deposit and click on "confirm".

* The deposit page will automatically reflect Wise fee, guaranteed exchange rate and expected arrival time according to the currency and amount chosen.

6. Follow the instructions to initiate the transfer from your bank account.

7. Once you have transferred the money, please wait for fund to arrive.


For credit card payment to Wise, you may wish to view our step-by-step video guide on how to deposit funds via Wise here